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Our Top Recycling Bins For Small Spaces

Our Top Recycling Bins For Small Spaces

When you’ve got a charming but small office space to work with, recycling can be a bit more challenging. However, that shouldn’t stop you from keeping things stylish and efficient inside your humble work abode. Waste Wise offers a wide selection of modern office recycling bins that have minimal impact on your office floor space, and add a touch of chic to your interior design. Check our top office recycling bin picks below.

Single Stream Picks

If you’re looking for a sleek, stainless-steel option, our Aristata Tier II Slate Single Stream could be the perfect fit for your workplace. With midnight-black exterior and contemporary slate finish, the Aristata Tier II complements any modern-themed office, breakroom or meeting space.

Aristata Tier III Mid Summer Flame Single Stream: For a warm, wood laminate look, bold finish and stainless-steel top, our Aristata Tier III is a great accent color next to light or dark colored office furniture, plus it’s the perfect recycling solution for cans & bottles, organics, paper or mixed recyclables.

Double Stream Picks

315 Stainless Steel Modular Recycling Station: With a smaller office space to work with, why not invest in office recycling bins with a wall-mounted design? Our Stainless Steel Modular eliminates the possibility of blocking your fire exits in cases of emergency and assures easy floor cleaning by your maintenance staff. Ergonomic front-loading doors also lowers your risk of back injury.

Aristata Tier V Euroline Double Stream: An ideal solution for two-in-one waste/recycle containers inside your cozy office space, the Aristata Tier V Euroline is crafted with the highest quality laminate and features a stainless-steel top with piano hinge and customizable lid and labeling. A great touch to any avant-garde interior design look.

Triple Stream Picks

Spectrum Slim Triple Stream Combo: Going green is far from boring, especially with our new Spectrum series of vividly styled office recycling bins with four distinct designs to choose from. With lightweight lid for easy maintenance and recognizable green, blue and black categories –the Spectrum Triple Stream is a popular recycling combination to brighten up any office, big or small.

TMF Triple Stream: Uniquely designed for areas meant for smaller footprints (wall-mounting feature optional), our TMF Triple Stream saves floor space and is a great addition to your businesses’ sustainability strategy. Doable as a single, double or triple stream recycle bin, the TMF can be modified to fit your preferred recycle program seamlessly.

Looking for the best office recycling bins to keep your space clutter-free? Contact us today!

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