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Recycle Bins and Collaborations are Popping up Everywhere

Recycling Awareness NZ

We noticed a great article about recycle bins collaboration recently. This is something that is taking place literally on the other side of the world, and we thought we would share it as a sign of the recycling progress being made all around the globe.

Statistically, New Zealanders have become great recyclers. They have become accustomed to the residential recycle bins and “kerbside” recycling. Now there’s a great business collaboration that’s expanding their recycling options when they are out and about town.

BP, Coca-Cola and Love NZ have recently installed over 30 recycling bintainers in Auckland-area BP forecourts, with plans to add over 80 more in the coming months. This is great news because it brings recycling awareness to another level in all New Zealand communities. These companies are making it clear that recycling is a priority for them. Love NZ has made corporate partnerships a priority, and we can see that their work is bearing fruit.

So where are you seeing collaborative recycling efforts bear fruit in your community? If you have a great story to share, let us know about it. So jump on the bandwagon and help spread the mindset of recycling, literally all across the world!

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