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5 Indoor Uses For Recycled Plastic Benches

5 Indoor Uses For Recycled Plastic Benches

Park benches may make you think of outdoor spaces but benches can be a wonderful part of the decor of any indoor space. Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate recycled plastic benches as a sturdy, attractive and inexpensive part of any room.


Wearing your shoes indoors tracks dirt and germs throughout your house which is why many families remove footwear upon entering. It’s easier to sit on a bench when slipping on or off your shoes. Add a mirror for last-minute face and hair checks before stepping out, a little table for your key bowl, and maybe cubbies to store coats, scarves and backpacks for easy access.


These hard-working rooms need everything an entryway does and more. Mud wipes right off recycled plastic benches and they are durable enough to stand up to abuse. A tile floor is a necessity and, if there’s room, a small sink or even a full shower allows for quick cleanup before heading into the house. Some mudrooms are used as dog-rooms, giving the beloved pets a place to get out of the cold without tracking dirt throughout the home.

Dining Room

When a dining table is near a wall, trying to get to those chairs can be nearly impossible. Try recycled plastic benches as a convenient alternative. Diners can slide in and out of bench seating easily. If the wall has a window, a backless bench offers optional seating without obstructing the view. Add a side table for serving dishes to give you more room on the table. One thing you don’t want to see in a dining room is a television. Make dinner time family time rather than TV time.


Trying to dress after a shower means balancing on one leg when the floor might be wet, and if you fall you are surrounded by hard tile and porcelain. Sitting on a bench allow you to dress safely. Waterproof plastic benches can be used as shower benches for anyone who needs some extra stability during showering. Add some shelving under the sink to get maximum storage capacity from that space. For couples who share a bathroom, his and hers sinks and storage head off fights about how to properly squeeze the toothpaste.

Kid’s Bedroom

Kids are tough on furniture so you need strong materials, but not something hard like metal that can hurt them. Recycled plastic benches stand up to the abuse but have rounded edges for safety. Push a bench up to a table and you have a fun workspace where the kids can play games, draw or do homework.

Of course recycled plastic benches are also great for outdoor spaces like gardens, patios and porches, but don’t let outdoor thinking keep you from finding exciting and creative ways to use benches to get the most out of your indoor space.

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