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Igloo’s Biodegradable Coolers Provide A Serious Styrofoam Alternative

Igloo's Biodegradable Coolers Provide A Serious Styrofoam Alternative

When it comes to eco-friendly policies and green changes, there are big ones and small ones. The big ones grab most of the headlines, but we sometimes forget that the small ones can have an outsized impact if enough people really embrace them. That’s why Igloo’s new product, a biodegradable, single-use cooler, is such a big deal.

One More Styrofoam Product Bites The Dust?

We’ve known about the environmental dangers of Styrofoam for years. It takes half an eon to break down, it uses a limited resource, and because it’s cheap and effective, we have a huge amount of it floating around. But what if we had an affordable alternative that broke down naturally in the blink of an eye by comparison, that we made from recycled material?

Well, that’s what Igloo did according to Return Now.

While their latest, “single-use” cooler may look like a refugee from a papier-mache festival, it’s made from recycled paper and paraffin wax. Thus, it can hold water for up to 5 days at a time before it starts to break down. There’s no worrying about your structural integrity when you head home from the beach. And if you leave it out in the sun to dry once, your ice chest will be good as new and ready to rock for the next adventure.

Best of all, this eco-friendly solution that can be reused until it falls apart, and it’s only  $10. That’s something most of us can afford, and it’s on-par with other solutions. Whether you’re getting on a boat, hosting a cookout, or going to the lake, there’s no reason to have a Styrofoam cooler with us anymore. Take a moment and imagine the impact that could have if it extended to other materials. Plates? Coffee cups? How big of an impact could it make if we all, as one, replaced a harmful item with an environmentally-friendly alternative?

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