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8 Ways to Help Reduce Plastic Products in the Environment

8 Ways to Help Reduce Plastic Products in the Environment

We are all becoming aware of the accumulation of plastic, especially in the oceans. If we become proactive, we can reduce the number of disposable plastic that pose a threat to our ecosystems. But how can we get involved? Here are 8 steps that you can apply in your business operations and institutions to help reduce the number of disposable plastic items in the environment:

  1. Develop ‘greener’ purchasing practices: purchasing bulk items with less packaging and screening the types of products you are buying to ensure they are recyclable. Additionally, avoid purchasing disposable items.
  2. Create a waste management audit: Make an effective waste management strategy. Determine the amount of waste you are generating, the keys areas that generate waste, and solutions for reducing waste.
  3. Purchase bio-plastic instead of new plastic products: this effort will help in the adoption of items made from recycled materials.
  4. If you are selling foods, avoid using plastic products like bottles, bags, utensils, plates, and straws: to help achieve this objective, come up with a policy to provide these items when needed, or store reusable mugs, dishes, and silverware.
  5. Purchase compostable service-ware: replace the plastic products with cardboard, paper, and bio-based products. A biodigester or a composting facility can break them down. Composting the material will help avoid filling the landfill.
  6. Avoid purchasing cleaners, soaps, and products that have micro-beads: some cleaning and cosmetics products have tiny plastic pieces which are known as micro-beads. Since water treatment plants are not able to trap these small pieces, aquatic animals will be compromised because they can easily ingest the beads.
  7. Install bottle filling stations and water dispensers across the campus: visitors can easily opt to use reusable water bottles instead of purchasing water bottles. Promoting the use of reusable water bottles can be done by offering free water refills.
  8. Offer better wrapping products in gift shops: use alternative wrapping options for gifts in shops.

With these steps, business, schools and healthcare facilities can further their sustainability efforts, and reduce plastic pollution in the environment. 





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