Fighting Plastic Waste With Evoware's Edible Cups & Food Wrapping

Plastic waste is a serious problem the world over, and a major source of that plastic waste is single-serving cups, as well as food wrapping. Whether it’s the sandwich you got at the corner deli, or that red Solo cup you’ve been enjoying at the party, it’s possible those items will wind up in a landfill once you’re done with them. Or worse, they’ll end up in the ocean along with hundreds of tons of other plastic waste.

That’s where Evoware comes into the picture. This company has developed two, unique forms of edible bioplastic that can make a serious impact on how we consume.

Are You Going To Finish That Cup?

As you can see in Evoware’s video showing off their edible products, there is a lot of potential for this seaweed-based bioplastic to make a difference when it comes to what happens to our plastic products. The wraps dissolve naturally in hot water, making them ideal for tea bags, sugar packets, and other materials that could just be tossed into a cup of hot water, and mixed together. The sandwich wraps could be eaten as part of the sandwich, or just tossed aside to naturally break down in a short period. The cups can be eaten or thrown away, but they won’t be around for very long either way.

Even if these materials make their way into the ocean, as so much plastic refuse does, they’re actually something that fish can eat without any trouble or worry. Assuming the fish find the pieces before they break down. When you add in that the material they’re made from is naturally occurring and sustainable, you have a solid alternative to traditional plastic that just might be a potent weapon in our fight against waste.