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How Waste Wise Recycling Bins Facilitate Waste Management

Recycling programs have been implemented in many cities, towns, offices, homes, and job sites, and that number increases every year. In order to meet the demands of varying site requirements and plan specifics, Waste Wise Products offers a full line of bins for recycling. Every location requires different size, shape, and materials for effective recycling bins, while each city’s waste stream specifics dictate how much separation and sorting is required prior to disposal.

With these needs in minds, recycling bins are being constructed from many materials, including fiberglass, plastic, recycled plastic lumber, and steel and are in use for single stream, multi-stream, and utility programs. Let’s take a look at how the right pairing between container and program makes waste management easier and more effective.

Individual Offices And Homes

There are many available recycling bins to fit small scale programs or many small capacity locations, such as individual offices. There are a number of both plastic and fiberglass solutions that offer light weight and durable recycling containers to fit in under desks or behind doors.

Desksiders are the single stream, blue plastic containers that are common in many offices. A smaller easy sorter bin can be attached to the lip of the larger basket to separate two different recyclables. Duo recyclers are two compartment, low profile bins perfect for under the desk placement. Larger fiberglass multi compartment containers with custom lids can be used in conference rooms or shared offices.

Large Scale, Multi-Stream Applications

On the other end of the spectrum, large collection points and city-wide programs require larger and more durable containers that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Typically, all-in-one collection units are preferred to convenience.

These units come in fiberglass, plastic, and steel. All three types offer rugged designs for high traffic and high volume use. The largest fiberglass bins for recycling come in at 92 gallons with up to 4 internal compartments to handle a high degree of separation and volume. Plastic bins are also manufactured in all-in-one units as well as sets of single stream containers. Steel designs usually focus on multiple single stream containers that come together in a set. There are also larger multipurpose units that are best suited for large municipal projects.

Industrial Programs

Bins for recycling utilized in industrial and large commercial or hospitality waste management programs, many of the above designs can work. However, there are specially made solutions for heavy duty work.

Roll out carts are a good choice for such a project. The carts are made from high strength injection molded plastics and come built with attached dollies and grips. They are ideal for collection and storage along with transportation. All-in-one units constructed from steel will also meet the requirements of large scale programs where their size, weight, and capacity are beneficial.

Waste Wise Products offers a wide variety in recycling bins in order to make implementing waste management programs easier. Participants will be more invested in a recycling program that is convenient and purpose built.

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