3 Best Apps for Reducing Food Waste

According to the USDA, between 30-40% of food is wasted every year in the United States, leading to over 100 billion pounds of food waste every year. This number may seem intimidating, but even small changes in how we consume and dispose of food can lead to significant impacts on the reduction of food waste.

Many companies are working on solutions to food waste, and three apps, in particular, can help you prevent food waste in your community and your own home.

1. Food Rescue US

If you’re looking for a way to help those in need, this app is for you. Food Rescue US connects retailers with extra food with organizations, such as shelters, needing the food, using you as the delivery person. Simply answer a few questions, and Food Rescue US will give you the details for food that needs to be delivered to a relief organization near you.

This app helps you give back to your community and reduce food waste. Check out Food Rescue US to see how you can help reduce food waste in your community today.

2. Olio

Are you going out of town and have some tomatoes that won’t keep? Or do you have extra zucchini in the garden? Then Olio can help. Olio helps neighbors and local retailers who have an excess food find each other to share food before it goes bad.

Take a picture of the food you’d like to share, or search for excess food near you, and Olio will connect you with your neighbors, reducing food waste in your home and neighborhood.

3. FoodKeeper

Designed by the USDA, the FoodKeeper app gives you tips and advice for how long food will last and how to best store food for maximum freshness. The FoodKeeper app also includes information on recalls, so you’ll have the best information on what you consume.

Covering everything from meat to fruits and vegetables to condiments, the FoodKeeper app gives you guidelines on how long you have before the food goes bad, allowing you to prioritize what food should be eaten and reduce food waste in your own home.

Download an app today and help fight food waste in your community!