Reclaim Arbor Combines Unique Wood Paneling With A Sustainable Initiative
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Reclaim Arbor Combines Unique Wood Paneling With A Sustainable Initiative

Reclaim Arbor Combines Unique Wood Paneling With A Sustainable Initiative All of us are looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint these days, and turning to sustainable, recycled products to help us do that. Reclaimed wood is growing more and more popular. There's one company whose business model illustrates just how successful dealing in recycled materials can be. That company is Reclaim Arbor, and they've given their customers the capacity to make real changes with their decisions.

How Does Reclaim Arbor Work, Exactly?

The idea behind reclaimed lumber is that, when a building is torn down or remodeled, serviceable wood is saved and used for another purpose. Reclaim Arbor takes this existing wood and recycles it into a stick-on veneer that people can use in their homes or businesses to add a decorative finish to their walls. It's easy to install and allows for a total change in appearance with reasonably little effort. While that would be enough to get the company noticed by people who want to feel good about their decor, they've taken things a step further. According to the Reclaim Arbor FAQ, for every box the company sells, they plant a new tree. Customers can even keep track of the progress they've helped create, ensuring that at least a portion of the proceeds from every sale goes toward reforestation efforts.

Reduce, Reuse, Replant

The brilliance behind this platform isn't just that Reclaim Arbor is using a plentiful material to create a unique, recycled product. It's that it gives their customers agency to help fight against climate change and to give back to the environment in a meaningful way. In that way, the actual product being purchased almost becomes the secondary concern. Because while a wall of reclaimed wood is certainly attractive, it's the investment in the environment, and the action it represents, that will have a long-term meaning for the customer.

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