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Is Biophilic Design Part Of Your Office’s Sustainability Initiatives?

Is Biophilic Design Part Of Your Office's Sustainability Initiatives?

For most offices tackling sustainability, a lot of attention is paid to improving energy efficiency and reducing waste. But as we aim to transform our actions for a cleaner environment, we forget to reap the benefits of a green environment for office space. To improve sustainability, efficiency, and energy in your office it can be helpful to incorporate biophilic design into your strategy as well.

Biophilic design encompasses everything from rooftop gardens, indoor plants, natural lighting, and even the green campus around the building. And its impact is huge, especially for offices located in urban environments. The lack of greenery in an inner-city office can make employees less engaged or unhappy with their workplace, which  decreases efficiency and productivity. It can also be detrimental to the office’s overall atmosphere, especially for an office that values and needs innovative thinking. Biophilic design improves creative and critical thinking, and can support a positive, healthy environment indoors and out.

However, you do not have to install a green rooftop or living wall immediately in your office space to get biophilic benefits. You can start small by choosing smarter lighting and well-placed plants that promote cleaner air. The plants also neutralize the effects of sick building syndrome. Window plant boxes also add visual charm as well. Outside your office, you can provide a small garden area, shaded bench, or lunch tables for relaxing and thinking, giving your employees a break from interior office space. Planting more trees for shade not only gives your location cleaner air but improves heating and cooling efficiency. And for offices challenged by their interior location, simulated sunlight can also help improve an employee’s mood and sense of time.

Greenery also includes the cafeteria plate as well. By introducing fresh greens and organic options, you can help improve the well-being of your employees and their energy levels.

Overall, sustainability at the office is not just about energy savings for your operations, but it can also be about producing energy in your employees through smart office design. Biophilic design is just one out of many ways your can improve your office in an environmentally friendly way, and should be considered as part of your green office strategy.

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