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How To Make Your Office More Sustainable

How To Make Your Office More Sustainable

Those with a desire to make the world a better place will often look for ways to be greener while they are at home. While these efforts are important, you should also look for ways to make your workplace greener as well. There are several tips that you can follow that could help to make your office a more sustainable place to work.

Cut Down on Electricity Use

One way that you can make your office a more sustainable place to work would be by cutting down on your electricity use. There are many different things that you and your co-workers could do to reduce your electricity use. Some quick changes can include replacing your light bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs, installing automatic light switches that will turn off lights when the room is not in use, and opening windows as opposed to turning on the air conditioner in the summer.

Cut Down On Waste

The most important thing that you could do to make your office more sustainable is to cut down on waste. There are many things that you could do that could reduce your plastic, paper, and other waste. If your office still uses a lot of paper, you should try and convert to an electronic records system. Another option would be to purchase a water cooler as opposed to bottled water. You should also have an organized recycling program in your building to ensure your actual waste is minimized. 

Green Initiatives

Overall, you need to find ways to encourage your coworkers to be more invested in sustainability. Some great ideas would be to create team-building exercises around being green. These can include holding friendly competitions in which those that are the greenest win a small price.

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