In your office, you and the others within the company have probably worked hard to focus on sustainability. For example, you might strive to operate a paperless environment so that you can cut down on waste. However, sustainability at the office should reach to all corners of the company, including the cafeteria. These are a few cafeteria ideas for your office to help make your company become more eco-friendly.

Make Recycling Easy

Unlike in other areas of the office, you have to worry about recycling more than just paper in the cafeteria. Make sure that you provide multiple recycling bins so that employees can properly dispose of plastic, aluminum and paper, along with their general trash, to maintain a clean cafeteria.

Skip the Disposables

Instead of serving everything on disposable plates, consider investing in plastic compartmentalized trays, much like those that are used in school cafeterias. If you already prepare food in the cafeteria, you probably have the proper dishwashing equipment anyway, and it’s a good way to cut down on waste.

Use Dispensers

Instead of putting out stacks of napkins and condiments for employees to grab from, consider using dispensers that will help control the amount that is grabbed at one time. Not only will this cafeteria idea make your office less wasteful, but it will also help reduce costs.

Reduce Food Waste

Start paying closer attention to how much food is sold each day in the cafeteria, and try to tweak how much is prepared. This can help you cut down on wasted food.

If you want to operate a truly sustainable office, you’ll need to make changes in the cafeteria, too. Luckily, following these steps can be a great start and help you keep a clean cafeteria.