Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tools & Products for a Sustainable Office

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tools for A Sustainable Office Break Room

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Tools for A Sustainable Office Break Room

For many small businesses or offices, addressing waste in a kitchenette or break room can be more challenging than addressing waste in a large cafeteria. It might be hard to implement similar strategies for a cafeteria that are fitting on a smaller scale, or it might be difficult to introduce eco-friendly features in a small space. To help with your sustainability efforts at the office, here are a few eco-friendly kitchen tools that can transform your office’s kitchen into a greener one, without taking up too much time.

1. Ecotonix Green Cycler: For a small office kitchenette, it might not be advantageous to get a big compost bin. Some people might even avoid using it if it begins to smell or attract bugs. This shredding pre-compost unit is a great tool that prevents odors and pests, while still giving you the ability to compost all types of kitchen waste with ease. You can then use the composted materials around your office’s landscaped areas, office plants, or offer it to employees with their home gardens.

2. Non-disposable water filters. To break your office’s habit of water bottles or paper cups for a watering hole, supplying a water filtering system in the break room is key. Installing a water filter on your sink’s faucet and supplying glasses is a great way to reduce the use of bottled water or paper cups. If you can’t get a filter installed or want a pitcher for the office fridge, using something like Kishu Charcoal is more eco-friendly than a Brita filter (which uses a disposable plastic filter).

3. SodaSteam: To cut down on plastic waste, many offices have removed soda machines or bottled soda from the office building or cafeteria. But if your efforts have only led to more people buying soda outside, why not get an in-office carbonator? Models like a SodaStream are perfect for a small kitchenette, especially when you want to conserve space.

4. Natural cleaning products: Using sustainable breakroom supplies such as natural soaps and cleaning agents is a simple way to reduce your office’s impact on the environment. Many cleaning products contain toxic or hazardous chemicals that get reintroduced in the environment through the water–by making the switch to eco-friendly soaps, or using white vinegar versus an antibacterial spray for counters, you are also helping the environment.

5. A small recycling and waste center: Occasionally, small offices will overlook the need for a sorting center in their break room, especially when there is a space issue. However, without a small sorting center for waste and recyclables in the most convenient areas, workers are less likely to recycle. For even the smallest break room, your recycling bins do not have to be elaborate: color-coded wastebaskets or bins (with a large sign or poster) will make recycling effortless and without confusion.

By greening your break room or kitchenette with these eco-friendly kitchen products and tools, you can easily make the transition into sustainable kitchen practices easier on your coworkers or employees.

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