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Company Sustainability Initiative Challenge: Cardboard Packaging

Company Sustainability Initiative Challenge: Cardboard Packaging

With online shopping being commonplace, it is too easy for masses and masses of cardboard and packaging material to seem like normal amounts of waste. It’s easy to think: there’s so much, we’d barely make a dent even if we did recycle more efficiently! Well, as a larger organization, you have the power to set a positive example for the community and for your employees, as well as teach proper recycling habits! Here are a few tips:

1) Avoid rush delivery

Even if your company has a business account where fast shipping is covered by an annual fee, consider choosing to practice patience. Rush shipping is usually transported by airplane, which produces a higher amount of carbon dioxide (as well as other harmful emissions) than trucks.

2) Consolidate orders

Consolidate your orders for eco-friendly transportation. Consolidating orders helps reduce vehicle trips, and in one study was shown to decrease up to 75% of emissions. In addition, fewer vehicle trips help reduce traffic.

3) Break down cardboard

Did you know that cardboard that doesn’t physically fit in recycling bins gets combusted or sent to landfills? Consider using a utility knife to break down your cardboard more efficiently. At the same time, you’ll see your neighboring businesses happy that you’re not overflowing the shared recycling!

4) Recycle packaging material

Many grocery stores and pharmacies have collection bins where you can drop off bubble wrap and air pillows to be recycled. Consider designating a bin at work that employees or even customers can use to dispose of their personal packaging materials.

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