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4 Ways Recycling Stations Help Your Brand & The Environment

4 ways recycling stations can help your brand and the environment

Recycling isn’t just a responsibility, it can help to improve the look of an area by reducing waste, it can give visitors the impression of a forward thinking and caring organization, and it can provide a means of improving the look of the building and premises. There are numerous styles, types, and even designs of recycling stations available, which also ensures that you can enhance the space with the style and design that best fits your business.

Reduce Waste

Typically, recycling stations offer a number of different compartments that hold different types of recycling, and this means that they are bigger than a standard waste container. In some locations, a trash can quickly become filled and start to overflow, but a well-designed, spacious, and good looking recycling station can be used to hold much more waste before it needs emptying. Outside food and drink areas, in spots where people sit and eat, and near any store or vending machine can prove some of the most likely and beneficial areas to use a recycling point.

Positive Branding

Piles of rubbish, overflowing bins, and even collections of cigarette ends are not only unsightly, but they portray a negative corporate image. When visitors and potential clients see these kinds of problems at an office or building, they associate that negative image with your business. Not only do recycling stations reduce waste, and improve your business image, but they also help associate your brand with that of an environmentally aware, ethical, and forward thinking business, attributes that many modern customers and clients look for when choosing a company to do business with.

Modern Recycling Bin Designs for any application

The proliferation of recycling stations and an increase in demand for them means that there is a much wider range of designs, styles, and dimensions available. There are those that look like standard dustbins, or that are larger and more industrial looking, but there are also more modern designs. What’s more, you can choose the dimensions that most closely match the space you have available, although you should ensure that users can easily get to the bin entrance otherwise they won’t use the recycling station in the way it was designed to be used. Waste Wise Products Inc. has stylish modern designs that are sure to complement any space.

Variety of Finishes to Match Décor and Design

Another way in which the modern recycling station has evolved is in the range of designs and finishes. As well as those that might be considered standard designs, there are high-end products made from a selection of materials. As well as laminate and wood laminate finishes, for a natural look, there are several metal finishes including chrome and brass that can give any building or exterior a positive brand, and can even improve the look of the building exterior. Choose color, opt for a finish that best matches your branding, and you can promote your brand while also promoting a cleaner and safer environment.

Recycling stations not only help ensure that you can collect and separate different forms of recycling, but they can promote a positive brand image for your business, and offer environmentally aware visitors the chance to properly and effectively dispose of their plastic, cardboard, and even their cigarette ends.

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