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4 Reasons Why Your Office Needs A Recycling Coordinator

4 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Recycling Coordinator

When it comes to managing a recycling program at your office, a recycling coordinator in your office can be a valuable asset. In addition, a coordinator can provide real assessment and evaluation of your program while managing components that can improve your recycling ROI. Here are 4 reasons why your office needs a recycling coordinator, and the benefits they can bring to the table.

1. Coordinators are knowledgeable and ensure all departments are on the same page. The coordinator can answer questions, ranging from what can be recycled to where recycled materials go, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the office. And for a business that has a large number of employees and various departments, the coordinator can be key to sharing information and making sure each office follows the program. This person can also ensure that every component of the program is feasible for each office. They are especially useful when talking to a board of directors, who want data that proves a recycling program is worth the effort.

2. Coordinators know where to start and plan for contingency. When tasked with the job of creating or managing a recycling program, a coordinator is better equipped at assessing the office’s current needs. Also, they can better plan for the next steps forward, and plan for improvement over time.

3. Coordinators implement real, timely solutions. A recycling coordinator’s job might include monitoring recycling trends in the office, to keeping tabs on new technology, rules, or regulations that can change the way your office recycles. That said, your official coordinator is better prepared to improve different tasks in the office when they have a substantial role.

4. Coordinators overall save time, waste, and money. Having a coordinator to schedule meetings, search for grants, provide resourceful posters and signs, or even present recycling data over time can save your business from wasted resources or headaches. The coordinator can make sustainable practices run smoothly and efficiently in the office.

To make sure that your go-to recycling coordinator is doing the best job, be sure to provide adequate support and compensation for their work. Providing training and resources as the coordinator’s disposal, adding a small team to help support the position, or providing certain benefits for taking on the role can help make the position and program a successful one.

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