4 Benefits of an Outdoor Patio Picnic Area with Park Tables

4 Benefits of Outdoor Picnic Tables for Employee Lunches

4 Benefits of Outdoor Picnic Tables for Employee Lunches

There are many benefits to creating an outdoor patio picnic area, complete with picnic tables, for your employees. This is especially true if you create a little outdoor oasis by landscaping the area with plants and paving stones. It is also a good idea to make sure that the picnic tables are shaded from direct sun and located far away from garbage areas and noisy roads.

Employees that see their workplace as having a backyard retreat tend to be healthier and happier as they get more fresh air, spend less money and time at lunch and have more opportunities to socialize and talk to each other. Here are a few more benefits of using outdoor park/picnic tables for employee lunches:

Outdoor Picnic Tables Improve Employee Performance

Employees that enjoy a bit of fresh air and sunshine while they are on their lunch break tend to be more productive than those who have to scurry away to a fast-food outlet or eat their lunch indoors at their desk. That is because there are psychological and physical benefits to stepping away from the stress of the workplace, including better concentration, a boosted immune system, and improved mood. If the outdoor patio picnic area that you create is attractive and inviting, and always kept clean, then your employees will also save money by being more likely to bring their own lunch to work.

They Are Great for Socializing

Another benefit of having an outdoor park/picnic table for your employees is that it can encourage an air of camaraderie among your employees that allows them to get to know each other a bit better. This allows for brainstorming, new conversations as well as working together as a team. Furthermore, all the noise and waste that is currently associated with eating lunch outdoors can be kept outside of the actual workplace, so that workers who are not on their lunch break will not be distracted. If you still have employees who smoke, this outdoor seating area can also provide places to sit while they indulge in the habit.

Create An Outdoor Barbecue Area for Staff Parties

If you have two or more outdoor picnic tables, you will have an area where your staff can have a summer barbecue and celebrate milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, and important events. This is good for staff morale and also spares you the expense of renting a venue or spot in a public park to have the picnic. Your grounds can also be outfitted with tight-fitting, animal-proof garbage cans so that any waste from the party is easily and securely disposed of after the celebration. As an added bonus, these outdoor spaces with picnic tables are also more kid-friendly, allowing people to meet their child for lunch or invite their family to work functions.

Picnic Tables Are Low Maintenance And Easy to Order

Picnic tables are also single-unit. Meaning there is no need to hunt down or stack chairs as is the case with other outdoor patio furniture and they have finishes that are easily wiped clean. Picnic tables also look great even if they do become a bit weathered and they are available in many different configurations and shapes including round, square, hexagonal, ADA compliant (with space for a wheelchair) and the classic rectangle.

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