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Waste Wise Recycle Bins: Functional And Attractive

Over our years in the business, we have seen consumer attitudes towards containers for recycling change. Today’s customers want more say in the design of a recycle bin and we offer a range of styles and colors to meet any need.

No More Ugly But Functional

Government buyers have specific requirements when they order containers for recycling and “attractive” isn’t usually on the list. They want bins that can be picked up by the recycle trucks and are large enough to hold the recyclables a typical business or household generates in a week. The bins need to have a distinctive color, usually that bright blue we have all come to associate with recycling, so city crews can find them easily.

To be fair many of our non-government buyers like the traditional look as well. Outdoor event planners want big and highly visible containers so visitors can find them easily and not throw recyclables in the trash–or worse, on the ground. We are happy to accommodate them but we also have a growing number of clients who are looking for more subtle choices for executive offices or sophisticated parties. We can do that too!

Artistic…And Even More Functional!

Waste Wise custom-designed containers for recycling come in over twenty colors. How about a nice syrah or ivy or cappuccino? If those seem a bit too artsy we also have red, green and brown plus over a dozen other hues to match any decor. You can color the lid differently from the body and have a third color for the logo.

However we offer more than just pretty colors. We offer a wide range of multi-slot containers for recycling to simplify the presorting process for both you and your customers. You can emblazon the recycle bins with your custom logo. Many of our containers come with advertising panels that you can use to promote your company or to make them more attractive by decorating them with artwork.

Finding A Balance

Be careful you don’t make your recycle bin too attractive! Waste Wise containers for recycling may seem like works of art but your guests need to realize they are actually there for disposal of recyclables. We appreciate they need to match your design scheme but if they blend in too much then nobody will know what they are.

When choosing your customized recycle bin we recommend you keep the spirit of your decor in mind but design it so it stands out a little bit. You don’t want the bins to be overt and distracting but you don’t want them to be hidden either. After all they are there to be used.

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