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Recycling Innovations: Off-Grid Living Leads to Unusual Designs

Recycling Innovations: Off-Grid Living Leads to Unusual Designs

Living off the grid is a romantic idea, but for the average person is seems like an expensive vacation. After all, living comfortably without all the infrastructure we take for granted is hugely expensive, since you have to bring it with you.

Or do you?

Joseph Dupuis Re-Invents His Life

Joseph Dupuis was a young man tired of living paycheck to paycheck. He wasn’t getting where he needed to be, and he was racking up debt from school. Dupuis dropped out of school, moved back home, and was helping his father clear farmland when he decided to build a cabin for himself. A place he could live, and which would allow him to save money while paying off his debt and getting his life back on track.

What he built was an eco-friendly cabin that was one, big recycling project. Made from three shipping containers; the cabin had a large battery system in the back that was powered by solar panels. It also had radiant heat in the floor, and a wood-burning stove to provide extra warmth during Canada’s frigid winters. The total cost of this home was about $45,000. It was built to be self-sufficient and used as many recycled materials as possible. And in just a few years, Dupuis cut his costs enough to pay back all of his debts. Not only that, but he’s selling the cabin and re-investing the proceeds into his own business.

Recycling Innovations For All

Dupuis’s new business project is aimed at bringing alternative energy solutions to those who need them most, and using materials like his shipping container cabin to do it. While living off-grid isn’t easy, it can be done for those who are dedicated. It helps to have someone experienced at the wheel, though.

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