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5 Ways to Reuse an Outdoor Bench

5 Ways to Reuse An Outdoor Bench

Have an old outdoor bench you’ve outgrown, but would like to transform into something brand new and useful? The great thing about wooden or plastic benches is that they’re very versatile and easy to repurpose. Check out our top five creative ways to reuse your outdoor bench:

Kid’s Workplace                 

Do your children love playing with tools and carpenter sets? Your outdoor bench might look pretty banged up, but it’s quite simple to transform old pieces of wood into a kid’s “work” area. All you need to do is remove the existing top coat by lightly sanding it all the way around, re-apply a fun new color before measuring and cutting a pegboard, and adding the work surface top on. For step-by-step instructions on how to repurpose and create your kid’s new carpenter set, check out: DIYNetwork.

Bedroom Bench

Add some color, comfort, and convenience to your master bedroom by reusing your outdoor bench as an upholstered bench at the foot of your bed. Not only can you set your clothes out for the evening or sit down to put your socks and shoes on, but having a bedroom bench is a quick-access location for keeping light blankets for extra warmth on chilly nights. For easy steps and ideas on how to re-purpose your bench, check out: BobVila.com.

Mud Room Foot Storage

Keep your front entry free of shoes and mess by turning your outdoor bench into a foot storage bench. A great way to enhance an underutilized space and bring some organization into your home, a mud room bench is perfect for storing daily shoes and boots underneath its sitting area. For design ideas check out: Pinterest.

Island Dwelling/Dining Table

For all you country/vintage lovers out there, turning your wooden outdoor bench into a picnic-table-style dining set is fun and easy to do. Whether you love a fresh coat of paint, distressing your wood or finishing it off with a glossy touch – there are plenty of simple and affordable DIY dining-set builds you can follow: Lowes.

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