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Recycled Fashion: Timelessness In An Era Of Poor Quality, Cheap Craftsmanship

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Have you looked at a fashion spread in a celebrity magazine or on a gossip website lately?

Glossy pictures of boldfaced names and what they’re wearing to movie premieres, galas or just out grocery shopping are staples of the celebrity-watching industry, but sometimes, it isn’t quite clear why.

Fashions change, of course, and style is inherently personal and subjective. With that in mind; it’s hard to look at what these stars are wearing and say it’s particularly well-made or displays any sartorial ingenuity.

That’s a large part of the reason there’s an increased interest in eco-fashion lately. Clothes from previous decades tend to be of a higher quality than the shoddy workmanship you see in stores these days. Take a look at the materials used to make today’s clothes, at the integrity of the stitching and the quality of details like buttons and beadwork. Chances are, you’ll be disappointed. Vintage clothing is often made from better material and displays better craftsmanship, to say nothing of offering a timeless look that items from your local big-box store will never match.

Another demonstration of the appeal of recycled fashion can be found on Pinterest. Through a quick search, you will see dozens of examples of how clever users recycled salvaged fashion and updated it. Some projects are as simple as nipping in a waist or replacing buttons, while others are more complex but incredibly creative and unique.

All in all, vintaged & recycled fashion offers a chance to express oneself through one’s clothing and provides a better value than many items on sale racks near you. Recycle your fashion by donating to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, Value Village or repurpose it into a new garment. Its great for the environment as it negates all the raw materials & energy needed to manufacture garments from scratch.

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