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Durable Plastic Houses That Resist Earthquakes Are Now A Reality!

Durable, Plastic Houses That Resist Earthquakes Are Now A Reality in Mexico!

Sustainable housing is something more and more people are looking into as a way to minimize their impact on the environment. According to Intelligent Living, Mexican engineer Ramon Martin Espinosa Solis may have found a solution for creating a house. It is cheap, efficient, has a relatively tiny carbon footprint, and best of all uses a material that’s currently clogging our landfills!

Turning Old Bottles Into New Houses!

These houses, which are made using recycled plastic milk jugs, shampoo bottles, chairs, etc., are 50 square meters. They take roughly three or four weeks to construct. Already these houses take nearly half the time to build as a new model would. Also, they cost almost 50% less in materials since the bulk of the construction comes from a recycled material that weighs much less heavily on the pocketbook. The house design and materials are insulating, often reducing the need for heating and air conditioning, and they are resistant to weathering. The fact that these homes are also able to withstand earthquakes better feels like a bonus.

Houses made with traditional construction methods and materials are extravagant and wasteful, there are no two ways about that. Environmentally-friendly construction, though, is becoming more common every day. With designs like these houses, which have all the same accents, luxuries, and furnishings, Solis has added his voice to a growing statement that we’re seeing. To reduce environmental impacts, we make more efficient homes that consist of recycled materials. Houses don’t have to give up modern amenities to achieve this.

It’s possible to have your cake and eat it, too. And when doing so ends up saving you money, it’s a sure bet that designs like this become a great deal more common before too much longer.

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