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4 Zero Waste Graduation Gifts

4 Zero Waste Graduation Gifts

It’s graduation season, and with that comes a time to celebrate a graduate’s scholarly work. But you don’t have to go to a store and buy a brand new item: here are some zero-waste graduation gift ideas to give to your accomplished grad.

1. The regifted gift basket: If you know a graduate moving into a new apartment or home, you can help them out immensely by regifting him or her some valuable tools you might have been getting rid of in the first place. Your basket could include extra dish towels (you can even make your own from fabric scraps), mugs, an older set of gardening tools, extra frames for decorating, seed from your own flower or vegetable garden, or jars for canning and storage. The possibilities are endless, especially if you have a lot to give.

2. French Press/Moka Pot: Unless you have one at home that you’d like to regift, buying a French Press or Moka pot could be a great present for a graduate who’s now hooked on coffee. The French press is also perfect for tea-lovers. The best part: both make a strong cup of coffee without using a wasteful paper filter each time.

3. A repair on a broken electronic: You might know a grad with a cracked iPhone screen, or an iPad or tablet. With electronic waste making up a dangerous amount waste, repairing electronics is a great way to make it go far and reduce electronic waste. By offering to repair their phone, you can give them an almost brand new phone without buying a new one.

4. An experience: It could be the new restaurant down the street your grad keeps intending to try out, or the anticipated summer blockbuster playing right after graduation. Offer to buy tickets for that special event or to take them out to a favorite or new local joint. Spending valuable time with your graduate is a gift in itself.

Paired with a card made from recycled materials from your recycling bin, your gift could make your grad’s day. Keep an eye on our blog for more great zero waste gift ideas!

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