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3 sustainable uses of recycled plastic

At one time, plastic bottles and other materials were just tossed into America’s landfills. Nowadays, they are recycled into everything from soft, luxurious fabrics to lumber and indoor/outdoor furniture. There are even charities overseas that are converting plastic bottles into low-income housing, businesses, greenhouses and children’s playhouses.

One of the many benefits of recycled plastic are its a resistance to mold, mildew, salt water spray, rot and color fading. Those features essentially make it long lasting and maintenance free, especially in the case of outdoor furnishings & building materials.

#1 Fabrics & Fashion

Sustainable Plastic Jeans

We know that it may sound strange at first to hear that soda bottles can be made into fabric and other useful items, but it is true! The plastic bottles are essentially cleaned, chopped into pieces, melted and turned into polyester yarn. The polyester yarn is then used to weave seat covers, cushions, awnings, pillows and much more. Check out Levi’s green jeans made from recycled plastic.

#2 Roofing Materials

Plastic Composite Roofing

A more eco-friendly alternative to asphalt shingles; plastic composite roofing materials not only last longer, but the manufacturing process is less harmful to the environment; requiring less energy to produce & recycle. Plus, its LEED certified.

#3 Furniture

Recycled Plastic - Adirondack chairs

When it comes to Adirondack chairs, picnic tables, backed benches, indoor furniture and accessories, the previously discarded plastic is often treated in a similar manner. Milk jugs, soda bottles and other items made with high density polyethylene are typically collected and cleaned. Afterward, they are purified and enhanced. The enhancement process often includes the addition of color pigments and UV stabilizers.

Once that’s done, the plastic is formed into assorted pieces of indoor/outdoor furniture, lumber, lighting fixtures and accessories. Suitable for any outdoor public space, recycled plastic furnishings are ideal for rot resistance & longevity.

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