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How to Make Air Travel More Sustainable

How to Make Air Travel More Sustainable

Air transit is one of the most popular methods of travel utilized in the modern working world. Billions of passengers utilize air transit each year. With this prolific number of people choosing to use this type of transportation, airports must incorporate more ways to provide travelers with the opportunity to reduce their food waste and improve organic food waste recycling.

Easy Ways to Offset Travel Emissions

There are strategic ways to make business travel plans more sustainable by reducing a traveler’s carbon footprint. Increasing the number of recycling bins in the airport can be a great way to start working towards a carbon-neutral future. Having a recycling bin at each gate will ensure that travelers can reduce their waste, which is crucial because the aviation industry accounts for approximately 2% of the world’s carbon emissions.

The Reason for Recycle Bins

Recycling works. This article here highlights recycling’s benefits for waste reduction, energy conservation, human health, and more. Implementing more recycling options in all airports can do much more for the climate and the environment than just reduce air travelers’ carbon footprints. Encouraging recycling in airports will help those busy business travelers contribute to global sustainability efforts.

How Airports Can Assist with Food Waste Reduction

For passengers to become more sustainable travelers, airports must also do their part. Core strategies for sustainable development might include ensuring that airport restaurants and vendors offer recyclable packaging and containers to their customers. This is a no-brainer, but recycling bins need to be used to be effective! Customers need to be able to have the option to recycle. Products made from styrofoam are outdated because they cannot be recycled efficiently; styrofoam is not biodegradable because it is composed of polystyrene. Unfortunately, not everything can be recycled. Airports should consider transitioning out all non-recyclable items to make workplace travel more sustainable. 

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