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3 Tips for Improving Recycling at Airports

3 Tips for Improving Recycling at Airports

From security restrictions to a wide range of visitors, airports represent some unique challenges to be addressed when thinking of waste management.

When we think of recycling programs, we usually think of schools, restaurants, and other places where we expect to see a large amount of waste. The truth is, airports are a generate a significant amount of waste.

1. Customize bins with additional security measures

It’s important to consider security requirements when choosing bins for high-risk areas. For example, selecting bins with transparent bases to see the waste and recycling that has been deposited. These bins must be clearly marked with simple but easy to understand signage. Creating an efficient recycling program can reduce the need for several receptacles and, therefore, reduce areas of risk.

2. Make sure everyone is on-board

In an airport environment, there are often multiple vendors conducting business under the same roof. It’s essential to make sure that everyone is adhering to the same recycling program. A simple way to do this could be to designate a recycling ambassador who visits participating vendors to ensure they are recycling correctly.

3. Make it easy for everyone

Consider the environment of an airport for a moment. Many people are coming and going. Perhaps they are only there once a month or less, or for the first time. Often airport visitors don’t even speak the native language. This makes it absolutely imperative to create signage that is easy to understand in any language and quickly discernable for plastic, paper, etc.
While these are only a few suggestions, there are many more ways to improve airport recycling programs. The basic premise is the same as other recycling programs, but an airport recycling programming can sometimes seem a daunting task when considering the unique challenges associated with it. But with a little planning and organization, it can be a very rewarding experience.

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