Why Choose Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Park Benches

Why Choose 100% Recycled Park Benches?

Why Choose 100% Recycled Park Benches

When it comes to outdoor seating, today’s park benches come in many shapes and sizes. Not only do they give your patrons a place to sit, relax and enjoy the outdoors, but a good bench creates ambiance and makes your space more inviting in general. At Waste Wise Products, we specialize in 100% recycled eco-friendly park benches crafted with strong, durable designs, proven to last.

If you’ve been interested in recycled VS traditional wooden benches, check out these top reasons to go green:

Eco-friendly & More Durable

In comparison to wooden benches or other materials, eco-friendly benches made of recycled resources (such as plastic milk, water jugs, and containers) are generally safer and more environmentally friendly. Unlike their iron or wood counterparts, recycled seats don’t fade, crack or break easily – which makes them an optimal choice for parks that have many visitors on the daily.

Minimal Maintenance Costs

Investing in recycled park benches is a smart choice that usually requires very few repairs and less maintenance than what’s commonly needed for wooden or iron outdoor seating. Ideal for schools or large government bodies who use a lot of picnic tables and benches – plastic benches can be extremely cost-effective for the long run. Not only is there no need to replace them for decades, but sustainable benches are a great educational opportunity for students, visitors, and families.

Weather Resistance

In contrast to iron and wooden benches that often see damage from snow, rain and sun exposure – recycled plastic benches have a strong and natural moisture barrier against harsh outdoor elements. Not only are recycled benches made from a faux-wood material that’s more cost-effective to purchase, but they’re also resistant to insect and fungal attacks and ultimately provides a more durable alternative to traditional seating.

Our Top Picks

Sustainable and maintenance-free, our recycled eco-friendly benches are extremely functional and come in a range of styles. Not only do they look great, but they’re great for the environment (rot free and mold resistant). Here are a few of our top picks:

Cambridge 4 Foot Backed Bench

A mix of modern commercial elements with old world charm, the Cambridge 4-foot bench is crafted out of 100% recycled plastic and can endure all types of weather changes.

Landmark 6 Foot Backed Bench

Bold and classic, the Landmark is the essence of good form and function. Easy to assemble with step-by-step illustrated instructions, this 6-foot bench comes in an array of top colors and finishes.

Traditional 8 Foot Backed Bench

Made to easily accommodate additional people, this traditional 8-foot bench offers an attractive wooden look and style while providing more durability and aesthetic appeal for the long term.

Have more questions or interested in purchasing sustainable/eco-friendly park benches? Contact us at Waste Wise Products today.

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