Outdoor Ashtray Guide: Commercial & Public Ashtray Essentials

What to Look for When Buying an Outdoor Ashtray

What to Look for When Buying an Outdoor Ashtray

Finding the right outdoor ashtray for your restaurant, campus or, park shouldn’t be difficult or break the bank. At Waste Wise, we get how important it is to cut down on smokers’ intrusion for non-smokers’, and set up common areas for your commercial outdoor ashtrays.

When it comes to what to look for in your outdoor cigarette receptacles, keep where you’re placing them in mind. For example, if you’re putting them close to a door entrance, or inside a designated smoking area, there are certain styles and sizes to choose from to optimize space. Here’s a top list of what to look for when buying:

Ashtray Capacity

Consider your space size and number of smokers in the area before selecting a certain kind of ashtray. Choosing an overly large ashtray or one that’s under-used will keep old cigarette butts lying around for months, causing unwanted stale smells that could turn away customers, visitors and tenants. On the other hand, selecting ashtrays too small in size will mean allocating extra time to dispose of your cigarette waste weekly/month.

Usability & Visibility

Where will your outdoor ashtray get the most visitors? Careful consideration should be made about where to place your ashtrays as to not only comply with fire regulations, but to maximize traffic flow, comfort, and convenience for everyone. Effective outdoor ashtrays can help lower risks of fires, and local laws might require your ashtray be a certain distance away from doorways and windows.

When selecting your public ashtray location, keep in mind what weather and wind patterns look like. For example, if you know you’re in an area where it rains a lot, make sure you purchase commercial outdoor ashtrays with a restricted opening to limit exposure to bad weather.


The key to picking out the right ashtray style also depends on the look of your building. Is it modern or traditional? For instance, if your office has a dark brick look or contemporary flare, choosing a glossy black or sophisticated all-metal ashtray could be the perfect complement.

Waste Wise Outdoor Ashtrays

Looking for style and function ideas? Waste Wise carries modern and durable outdoor ashtrays to suit every building or location. For a classy black and silver look, check out our Infinity model made to hold 1500 cigarettes, with unobstructed funnels to lower cigarette waste jams.

Infinity Ultra High: Ideal for high-traffic areas, this receptacle comes with integrated padlocks tabs for extra security against tampering or theft. It also holds up to 8000 cigarettes and includes weighted bases and bolt-down options for outdoor stability.

Grounds Keeper Tuscany: The perfect complement to stone, brick and natural park environments, the Grounds Keeper Tuscany is upscale in design, comes with anchor holes for added security and is finished with your choice of black, brown or beige sandstone.

To view a full collection of outdoor ashtrays, contact us here.

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