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Upgrade Your Daycare’s Eating Area with a Children’s Picnic Table

Upgrade Your Daycare's Eating Area with a Children's Picnic Table

Every successful daycare center requires a wide range of components to work in conjunction with one another on a consistent basis. From the staff to the facility itself, to the programs and protocols, to the pricing structure, to the equipment, safe, happy kids and peace of mind for parents are always the end goals.

One aspect that of a thriving daycare center that is often overlooked but is an important factor to a successful operation is the designated eating area for the children. There are several options when it comes to seating, but one that is growing in popularity is the plastic children’s picnic table. Here are some reasons why:

No Splinters or Sharp Edges

Every reputable daycare will have a safety-first mindset in all facets of its operation, and keeping the kids safe while they are eating is no different. Standard wooden tables or picnic tables create a risk for splinters and over time can produce sharp edges that may cause injury. The smooth edges of a plastic children’s picnic table will never splinter, creating a safe surface every single day.

No Peeling Paint

Even though most paints are no longer lead-based, that doesn’t mean they are safe for children to ingest. Kids will be kids, and quite often curiosity wins out, which is why using tables or chairs that don’t include a coat of paint is the best way to go.

Easy to Clean

Messes are a regular part of every daycare, especially during meal and snack times. Plastic children’s picnic tables are simple to clean, which makes your staff’s jobs easier, and improves the overall hygiene of your daycare because the surfaces are non-porous.

Environmentally Friendly

As an environmentally responsible daycare, choosing children’s picnic tables made from recycled plastic will help put your mind at ease. With the products available for modern daycare operators, there is no reason you need to settle for anything that was made using ingredients or processes that are harmful to the environment.

Our Top Choices

Here at Waste Wise Products Inc., we offer an exciting range of children’s picnic tables in a variety of styles and colors to meet your needs. Some of our favorites include our Round Activity Picnic Table, our Open Hexagon Youth Picnic Table, and our standard shape Econo-Mizer Youth Picnic Table.

If you would like more information about which style of children’s picnic table would work best for your facility, Contact Us today to discuss the possibilities.

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