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Top Indoor Recycling Bins to Use

Top Indoor Recycling Bins to Use

Whether office, daycare, or hotel lobby, each business has its own unique solutions to consider when selecting the best indoor recycling bins. At Waste Wise, we specialize in, and understand the need for modern, durable, and aesthetically pleasing recycling bins, depending on the type of company you own. Check out our top recycling bin recommendations and why:

Business Offices

When you work in a busy office, recycling is likely a natural part of your day-to-day. From simply recycling products at the printer to the boardroom, or after lunch in the lobby and lunchroom – corporate professionals need functional bins with modern finishes that also match office décor and ambiance.

If you’re looking for stainless-steel features and a nice complement to contemporary interiors, the Aristata Tier V Euroline Single Stream offers a sleek design and highest-quality laminate – great for meeting rooms, lobbies, and employee social areas with constant foot traffic.


For hotels and spas, aesthetics matter, and indoor recycling bins should be carefully selected based on style and overall mood setting for customers. Guests arriving for a zen-like vacation aren’t going to want to see bins that remind them of office stresses. That’s why it’s important to choose decorative styles, shaped to blend in nicely with your hotel lobby.

If your business offers an upscale theme, check out the Aristata Western Breeze Double Stream. Made with bold horizontal grain, stainless steel top, and deep-black finishes, this indoor recycling bin is easy to clean and offers dual functions for Cans and Bottles, Waste Only, and Organics

Schools and Daycares

When it comes to schools and daycares, you’ll need to ensure recycle bins are durable, fun and attractive in color for children and students alike. By integrating ideal receptacles into your learning environment, you’re not only promoting recycling, but you’re improving brand reputation.

For flexibility and best functionality, try the Boka Triple Stream indoor waste & recycling container ideal for any larger company’s waste strategy/sustainability program. Designed with a triple compartment receptacle, the Boka’s colored labels ensure proper waste diversion for most school facilities or commercial spaces.

Interested in shopping for some of the best indoor recycling bins? View our full collection of single, double, and triple stream receptacles today. Contact us here.

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