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How To Match Your Furniture To Your Waste System With Stylish Recycling Bins

How To Match Your Furniture To Your Waste System With Stylish Recycling Bins

The days of having to incorporate unsightly plastic bins or bulky bright-colored boxes as part your company waste management system are long over. In fact, there is no need to have two or three bins, one for waste, one for recycling and one for empty bottles or cans. You can now have sleekly designed units that integrate two to three types of recycling in one unit. Even better, they come in different styles that help them merge with your décor in an attractive, yet functional way. The result is an office area that looks neater, professional and tastefully put together.

The Hygienic Look of Burnished Stainless Steel Recycling Bins

Stainless steel is a hallmark material that stands for cleanliness. The look of a stainless steel recycling bin is spotless, streamlined and great for placing in office and restaurant kitchens where it will match appliances and counters. These sleek-looking bins come in various shapes and sizes with different styles of openings, from ones that are just slits and holes, to make it clear that the bin only accommodates paper and cans. These types of stylish recycling bins also look great in any medical environment because they polish up easily to a brilliant shine, thus giving the area a fresh and clean ambiance.

Polished Laminate Recycling Bins for The Board Room

Polished laminate recycling bins go well with leather chairs, glass coffee tables, and other furniture that you find in corporate gathering areas. These discreet and stylish recycling bins are made of stainless steel and are finished in brass, bronze or wooden laminates. Wooden laminates for bins can be ordered to match your furniture in different grains in the colors and textures most commonly found in high-end office furniture such as walnut, mahogany, teak, maple, Brazil wood, and cherry.

Slate Recycling Bins for a Polished Post-Modern Corporate Look

Polished slate recycling bins look great in corporate environments with a lot of marble or stone finishing, especially if the décor is a bit mid-century or post-modern with sleek curves and crisp lines. These recycling bins look like small monoliths and have very little in terms of signage or directions on them. They can also be customized in other contemporary colors with unique surfaces such as a pearly silver finish, shiny gunmetal white or glossy black laminate.

Designer Bronze and Aluminum Outdoors Waste Baskets

You can also add a sophisticated look to your outdoor areas by providing aluminum and bronze recycling containers with a laser-cut grass motif. This type of bin is much more sophisticated and expensive looking than the usual outdoor bin which helps to prevent littering. The lattice look on the side of the bins allows it to go nicely with most outdoor patio furniture, especially if the furniture is made of wrought iron or wicker.

Designer Recycling Bins Are Convenient and Reduce Odors

Today’s recycling bins are also very nicely designed with piano-style lids that lift up and allow you to remove the garbage easily from the interior bins. This prevents the kneeling and opening of lower doors that used to be necessary in order to remove the garbage. It also allows narrower openings at the top of the bin, so that odors are less likely to escape from the bin and disturb your working ambiance. Luckily, it is the slot-style of the recycling bin that looks the most attractive, most informative in directing the recyclables to the right section of the bin, and the most pragmatic when it comes to choosing a waste management system for your office.

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