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Are recycle bins always big, ugly and bright blue?

Ugly Blue Recycling Bin

When you think of a recycle bin do you think big, ugly and bright blue? That doesn’t have to be the case. Like any other piece of home or office furniture, today’s recycling containers offer a range of creative and decorative options.


Fit your recycle bin to your decor and not the other way around by shopping around for the best style. Sure, you can find the functional plastic bins but you can also find a number of receptacles that are beautiful and artistic. Take the time to examine your options and find the right container to suit the room.


You don’t have to settle for the bright blue many people associate with recycling containers. You can often find neutral shades such as whites, grays and blacks as well as more daring colors such as Warm Cedar or Forest Green. Some models even allow you to choose a custom color to precisely match or complement the other furnishings in the room.


Plastic is a common material for a recycle bin, but it’s not the only option out there. You can find a number of products made of wood laminates that add warmth to a room. You can also find bins of steel, brass or copper with a variety of finishes to match any design idea. Often the finishes can be matched to your design scheme.


You don’t want some giant curbside recycle bin in your bedroom any more than you want a tiny container right next to the soda machine in the break room. Consider how much material a receptacle will be expected to collect before being emptied and size appropriately. You might find that two small containers on opposite sides of the room rather than one large one in the middle is both more aesthetically pleasing and more convenient.


Make it easy for your employees or your family to recycle right by placing multi-stream recycling containers in your office or home. Sorting is easy when all you have to do is put each item in the right slot. Corporate customers may find their recycling contractor will lower their service fee if the recycling is presorted before pickup.

Corporate Logos

Tie the recycle bin into your office decor by adding customized labels that include your company logo or motto. It’s not only a great way to put your personal stamp on the product but can also act as inexpensive advertising. Show your green side by offering clients recycle bins with your logo stamped on the side as gifts.

Give your recycle bin as much thought as you would any other piece of furniture. Find the item that says as much about your style as it does about your commitment to protecting the environment.


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