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8 Reasons to Choose Recycled Plastic Tables for Mall Seating

Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables vs. Wood Picnic Tables

When you need to purchase tables for mall seating, it’s not as easy a job as it might seem. There’s a lot to consider before you make your decision. Traditional wooden picnic tables might seem a good choice at first, but there’s a better one. In fact, you can significantly narrow down the choices you have. Make your decision easier by simply limiting your focus to tables made of recycled plastic. But what are the advantages?

They’re environmentally friendly

Surprised? Don’t be. Wood is a precious resource that needs to be conserved. Recycled plastic is the perfect alternative to traditional wood for table construction. When you buy recycled plastic tables, you’re reusing material instead of creating new – and that means you’re helping the environment.

They’re stylish

Standard picnic tables that come in just one style can be utilitarian but not always a perfect fit. With recycled plastic tables, you can choose both the color and style to fit your needs and location.

They’re safer

Smooth and sleek, recycled plastic tables can be manufactured so that there are no rough edges or sharp corners for small children to hurt themselves on – and no risk of splinters, either.

They’re sturdy and long lasting

While traditional picnic tables can take a lot of wear and tear as well, recycled plastic tables stand up to long-term use even better because they don’t suffer the same kind of wear that wooden picnic tables can. In addition, standard picnic tables can corrode, while plastic tables will not. They stay structurally sound indoors and out. They’re not damaged by humidity, heat, or freezing temperatures, either, unlike wooden picnic tables.

There’s usually no need to repaint or repair them

Recycled plastic tables don’t need to be painted. You can simply order them in the colors you choose. Wooden picnic tables don’t have that benefit. You must paint or stain them if you want anything other than the natural wood color, and that paint or stain will gradually wear over time. In addition, because traditional picnic tables do wear much more poorly than plastic tables do, they’ll need to be repaired at least occasionally.

They’re comfortable

Plastic tables provide comfortable seating without giving up anything in style or functionality. They’re constructed without sharp corners and instead have smooth, contoured edges.

They’re easy to clean

Try as you might, you’ll never quite get a wooden picnic table clean – especially if the paint or stain has been compromised or is worn. The porous surface simply won’t give up its dirt. By contrast, recycled plastic tables used in a mall setting clean easily and completely so that customers can be sure they’re eating off of sanitary surfaces even in high-traffic areas.

They’re cost effective and economical

When you buy recycled plastic tables once, they’ll last you for years; even decades to come. They are already a more cost-effective option than picnic tables because they are made of completely recycled materials instead of new lumber, but because they are so much more durable than wooden picnic tables, they’ll save you the cost of replacement versus wooden picnic tables, too.

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