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Top 5 Green Initiatives May 2019

Our Top 5 Green Initatives

The potential for sustainability is nearly limitless and is a great investment into the future for generations. Many corporations, colleges and cities, and more have been moving toward this goal for years. Here are this month’s top 5 roundup of green initiatives, from big business to city government and more.

The Alliance To End Plastic Waste

Working in partnerships across the globe, The Alliance to End Plastic Waste is a non-profit organization aiming to completely end plastic waste that continues to compromise our planet. It has been busy worldwide setting up policy and implementing change. But the Alliance isn’t only about politics. They’re also invested in education, innovation and clean up efforts. Members of the alliance presented at Brussels, where talks were underway to advance circular economy models. Other topics included solutions to the ever-growing planetary problem of plastic waste products. Members answered many questions on the alliance itself as well as it’s plans.


Pepsi is working with schools to increase recycling efforts. Their goal is to help every family in America recycle with programs such as Recycle Rally, Recycling roadster and community programs to educate for a better future. By partnering with organizations at the state level, they hope to promote their efforts and reach more schools nationwide. A resource library on their website includes games, discussion topics, instructables for things such as DIY recycling bins, and tons more.

Philadelphia, PA

“Take a minute before you bin it” is the new slogan for Philly’s new smarter recycling campaign. The aim is to educate it’s residents on the do’s and don’t’s of recycling. Unclean recyclables cost taxpayers more money by slowing down the process. Other efforts include adding lids to bins and recycling instead of incinerating. Though small, community efforts can have the biggest impact on going green.

Yellowstone National Park

As a biosphere reserve and World Heritage Site, Yellowstone is a leader in sustainability. Expanding efforts even further, it is updating facilities with more energy efficient equipment. Officials are hoping to reduce emissions and waste even more. On the list of improvements announced this month, water smart utilities are in the works. Trails and light fixtures will be replaced with bio based products and more energy efficient fixtures. These new fixtures will direct light downward to further reduce light pollution in the park.

Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry is full of world wide negative impacts on our environment. From toxic chemicals to improper working conditions, there is a huge problem. Within the last 30 years according to, “we have purchased 100% more items of clothing this year than we did just 30 years ago and we wear those pieces on average only seven times before getting rid of them.” A revolution is happening with an initiative called Global Shapers. On April 22, 2019 Global Shapers launched it’s first project, “Sugod”. This free 8 session program will teach social entrepreneurs to operate with a focus on community impact. The course ends with an expo intended to gather anyone interested in social activism. This includes businesses, organizations, and individuals committed to the cause.

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