Recycling Organizations that Help Businesses Using Fundraisers

7 Organizations Helping Businesses Fundraise By Recycling

7 Organizations Helping Businesses Fundraise By Recycling

Recycling is perhaps one of the easiest steps you can take to improve the environment. Common items like clothing and electronics do not need to spend the rest of their life in landfills. What many people don’t know is that most textiles and electronics are reusable and recyclable. The average American throws away about 81 pounds of clothes a year, but 1/3 of people don’t know that 90% of textiles can be recycled. While worldwide, humans generate about 40 million tons of e-waste a year, but only 12.5% of that waste is recycled. Businesses big and small can make a huge difference by recycling. There are companies and recycling organizations that dedicate their efforts to producing a better world, not simply by recycling, but using the money earned to support recycling charities around the world. Partnering with one of these organizations is an easy way to not only build a better world but to promote teamwork and build a sense of community. Below are several organizations that help recycling by collecting clothing or electronics through recycling fundraisers.


Goodthrift is an organization that collects textiles such as clothing, toys, and household items. You are in charge of setting the time limit; it can be however long or however short as you want. When you are ready for the goods to be picked up; they will weight the bags and give you cash based on the amount collected. The textiles are then reused to help support affordable clothing in developing countries. As a bonus, they will produce the fliers and posters to advertise your drive. The money earned from the drive can be given to any charity as an added option.

Shoe Recycling Fundraiser

This recycling organization wants gently used shoes, and they are willing to pay. The first step is to get in touch with them, and they will give you all the necessary details. The shoes collected will go to warehouses where people with disabilities are hired to package shoes. From the warehouses, these shoes will go to Africa to help unemployed individuals create a small business to support their families.

World Wear Project

With World Wear Project, you can take part in one of three programs. You can start a drive to collect clothing and other items. On the appointed day, a truck will come and pick up the bags, and you will be paid money for the amount collected. Another way is to host a long-term bin to collect clothes and/or shoes. World Wear will give you the bin for free, and you can decorate the bin with artwork. The final way to work with this organization is to have a weight goal. Once you have collected 60 or more pounds of shoes, World Wear will come and pick it up.

Funding Factory

Funding Factory wants to collect used inkjet cartridges and toners to remanufacture them instead of adding to landfills. It is completely free to sign up, and as thanks, Funding Factory will donate money to the charity of your choice.  To this day Funding Factory has collected 43.3 million pounds of toners and cartridges and hopes that number will keep growing.

Recycling for Charities

This business collects cell phones, cameras, iPods, iPads, and other wireless devices. Each device is guaranteed to earn at least $0.25. They promise 100% landfill diversion and no offshore exporting. They will try their best to reuse a device, but if that is not possible, they will recycle it. The money earned will go to a charity of your choosing.

EcoPhones Recycling Fundraiser

EcoPhones collects electronics where 80% will be reused, and the remaining 20% will be demanufactured into precious metals for other electronics and devices. They pay for shipping, and fundraising materials, and will even pay for broken and unlisted items. They will collect jewelry, watches, tablets, and cell phones.


The motto of this recycling organization is to recycle the unrecyclable. They partner with companies across the world to recycle things like art supplies, batteries, automotive parts, backpacks, cigarettes, and athletic balls to name a few. You pick the recycling fundraiser/program you want to participate in and then buy the zero waste box to start collecting. TerraCycle offers contests and points for items collected. Each point is worth $0.01 and will go to the charity of your choosing.

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