5 Plastic Bags-Recycling Innovations That Are Changing the World

While plastic bags are plentiful, they are often associated with ocean pollution. However, recycling plastic bags is making these 5 positive impacts..

1. Diesel fuel: the University of Illinois has come up with a way to convert plastic bags into artificial diesel fuel that is used in heavy machinery.

2. Roads: Ahmed Khan, an entrepreneur in India, has come up with a way to mix plastic bags with asphalt to create roads that will better withstand monsoon season.

3. Concrete bricks: a graduate student in New York has come up with a way to Crush and grind the plastic bags and mix them with concrete as a way to create bricks that have numerous environmental benefits.

4. Carbon nanotube membranes: scientists at the University of Adelaide have found a way to turn plastic bags into membranes for use in electronics. These membranes are used to create lithium batteries and medical instruments.

5. Composite decking: plastic bags are recycled with newspapers to make composite materials that are used to make decks. The average 500 square foot deck is made with 140,000 recycled plastic bags.

These recycling plastic bag innovations above are just a few of the ways that have been found to recycle the common plastic bag. With all of this new-found recycling, along with reducing the use of plastic bags, we can lessen their negative environmental impacts.