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3 Tips For Recycling Programs At Ski Resorts

3 Tips For Recycling Programs At Ski Resorts
With over 800 ski resorts currently in North America, recycling programs are increasingly important.

More and more people are gearing up to spend more time on the slopes each winter. This increase creates more waste at ski resorts across the US. Here are three tips for recycling programs at ski resorts.

1. Mark it on the maps

One of the more obvious but often overlooked ways to improve recycling efforts at ski resorts is to mark recycling bins on the or maps of the resort. Highlighting your recycling helps guests locate the containers and increase their use.

2. Design bins that are clearly marked and easy to understand

Clearly labeling bins in prime locations where waste is likely to be generated will make it easier for guests to recycle. Perhaps incorporating recycling bins with picture graphics to help those that are visiting from abroad and may not have a firm grasp of the local language. Minimizing guests’ thinking about where to place their garbage makes them more likely to put waste in the appropriate bins.

3. Advertise your hard work

Let your guests know that you are working hard to recycle by placing information about the steps you are taking to be more sustainable in highly visible places. For example, highlighting recycling news at chairlift base stations, or on restaurant placemats, can give guests more information about how they can help with your sustainability efforts.

Ski resorts are growing in popularity across North America as a favorite wintertime recreational activity. Because of the sheer volume of guests increasing each year, it’s important to implement effective recycling programs to promote sustainability and help guests make good decisions when disposing of their waste.

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