Joining the #kickplastic Movement

By now our reliance on single-use plastics and their lasting effects are well documented. A few seconds of use leads to centuries of consequences. One only needs to look so far as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to see how this reliance harms the environment.  

But corporate change is afoot to stop this waste. Costa del Mar Sunglasses has started an initiative called #kickplastic. As an outdoor adventure company, they see the plastic pollution crisis first hand and have pledged to help reduce the amount of waste finding its way into our waters and landfills. According to the #kickplastic page on Costa’s website, “By helping to spread the word and reducing our reliance on disposable packaging, we can man the front lines in this fight against ocean trash and help kick our plastic habit.” 

As a result, other outdoor industries are taking note and pledging to #kickplastic as well. Many specialty retailers such as fly-fishing shops are getting rid of the ubiquitous small plastic cups flies are traditionally sold in for boxes made of recycled cardboard. This reduces the impact these small, single serve cups can have and hopefully ensure the cardboard version ends up in a recycling bin; not the rivers and oceans.

On a broader scale, companies can also encourage customers to bring their own used or recycled containers and offer a small credit; much like bringing your own bags to the grocery store. Other low cost, easily implemented solutions to cut down on plastic pollution include, getting rid of plastic bags at the cash register, promote that recycling bins are available in high-traffic areas, offer products in bulk whenever possible and if it’s feasible, offer reusable, branded bottles to customers and employees instead of plastic bottled beverages.

By pledging to #kickplastic, companies can hopefully begin to change the existing mindset and our dependence on plastic goods. A few small changes can lead to a larger than expected impact.