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How You Can Help Reduce Single Use Plastic

How You Can Help Reduce Single Use Plastic

When we think about recycling, we think about our recycling bins and how diligently we work to sort our trash. We take pride in thinking that we are helping our environment. But the truth is that the situation is far worse than we were lead to believe. Plastic has taken over our lives and our habitat. Garbage trucks empty our trash can and recycling bin, and we are happy to have it gone.

The reality is that only about 10% of all single-use plastics are recycled while the rest is buried in landfills or ends up in our oceans. Americans feel good about using recycling bins and think it is an effective program, but many do not see the landfills or the garbage patches filling our oceans. The single use of plastic is killing our marine life and also threatening the existence of humanity.

Plastic alone is not doing the damage; it is our bad habits and lack of action which causes the state of affairs we find ourselves in today. We must change our ways and take action to end the cycle of toxic plastic in our lives. There are many ways we can make a positive impact on our environment, and all it takes is one person to be a good influence and help others also get involved in saving our planet earth!

Ways We Can Reduce Single-Plastic Use:

  • Use a reusable glass or stainless steel straw instead of a plastic one.
  • Choose cardboard boxes or glass containers over plastic when shopping for groceries.
  • Use reusable cloth bags and refuse to use plastic bags at the grocery store.
  • Buy biodegradable bags for your trash and pet waste.
  • Use camping and re-washable cutlery instead of the single-use plastic kinds for traveling and on the go usage.
  • Avoid buying products that are wrapped in plastic and find an alternative brand that allows you to handpick and put products into a reusable bag or glass container instead.

It may feel impossible to make a change, but making these easy and simple changes can go a long way in helping the environment. All it takes is one person to set an example for others and start a movement. A green lifestyle benefits not only human lives but also the lives of other animals, sea creatures, and plant life.

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