Fostering Family Habits To Reduce Plastic Pollution At Home

Here at Waste Wise Products, we’re all for stopping plastic pollution through taking action in the public square. However, we recognize that while large-scale efforts are great, they are insufficient to effect total societal change. That’s because much change is actually fostered on a person-to-person level. In that respect, no place is a more effective proving ground than the home.

In order to equip the next generation to eliminate plastic pollution, we must start with our own family culture. Through making a difference with our words and actions in the home, we can make a difference in the world.


Children learn in different ways, and one way they learn is through hearing the same message consistently. That doesn’t mean we need to invest in lesson plans or curriculum in order to teach our children about plastic pollution. Instead, we can avail ourselves of teachable moments.

Teachable moments occur spontaneously, and they happen all the time. You just have to be paying attention and be prepared to find ways to make use of them. Teachable moments often happen when you least expect them. (Very Well Family)

By taking advantage of teachable moments, we can teach our children the vital role they can play in effecting change.

Our efforts can’t stop with words, however.


It’s no good being all talk and no action. Our children must see us backing up our words through the patterns of our daily lives. As members of the family and full participants in all aspects of family life, they’ll not only see us backing up our message with our own actions; they’ll also become participants themselves. 

Powerful Cycle

Through our words and actions, we create a powerful cycle for change. When we foster this dynamic in the home, children not only learn why recycling matters, but they also habitually put what they’re learning into practice.

Together, we can change the world.