Even if you haven’t been plugged-in to the discussion surrounding plastic pollution and its effects on the environment, you’ve probably picked up on what a problem single-use plastic bags are. Over 4 trillion of these bags are used annually, and according to the Earth Day Network, only 1 percent of those bags end up getting recycled. That is a serious problem, and it’s one that gets bigger with every passing day.

Fortunately, there might be a solution to this particular problem.

“Plastic” Bags Made From Roots

In Indonesia, a company named Avani has been working on eco-friendly solutions for all of our packaging needs. One of the most unique solutions they’ve come up with is a single-use bag that looks like plastic, feels like plastic, and performs like plastic, but is actually made from Yuca. According to this video, these bags can be discarded with a clear conscience, as they’ll break down relatively quickly, and completely harmlessly. They can be eaten by animals with no fear, as they’re made from a naturally-occurring root. Not only that, but humans can eat them as well. These bags will dissolve in water, too, which means they won’t present any issues if they wind up in rivers and streams, or if they make their way to the ocean.

This company is based in Bali, and they’ve had a front-row seat to what plastic pollution has done to Indonesia. Their efforts have gotten a lot of notice, and the idea that manufacturers and customers alike can keep the convenience of single-use plastic bags without the negative impact on the environment (or the growing cost of manufacturing new plastics) is something that has people paying attention. Environmentally, it seems like the rare win-win situation where you can have your plastic, and if you’re so inclined, eat it too.