Will Corporate Social Responsibility Give Us Green Semi-Trucks?

Semi-trucks have been one of the big targets when it comes to reducing transportation emissions. These trucks have awful gas mileage, they pump out emissions, and they’re all over the road as we ship goods from one side of the country to another. However, California is reaching out a hand to big businesses, and appealing to corporate social responsibility in efforts to make the trucks of tomorrow both cleaner and greener.

What Would A Green Semi-Truck Look Like?

There have been a lot of attempts to design environmentally friendly semi-trucks, and there have even been a few successes. However, California is hoping to make bigger changes to transportation as a whole, and according to Auto Blog, nothing is off the table when it comes to the design stage. Loop Energy, for example, is working on a fuel cell truck that would be able to use an electric engine to make its runs. Other ideas include using on-board hydrogen power, especially since solar panels can now be used to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water to make an easy, ready fuel source.

The bigger question people are asking, though, is what changes could this make to the transportation industry? And beyond that, do corporations have a responsibility to use their resources to create products that would help fight global warming? Given that green semi-trucks would put a corporation in on the ground floor of big changes, and possibly revolutionize the way we think about driving and transportation, this is a win-win situation for corporations who are willing to lead the charge into change.