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Can We Recycle The Atmosphere AND Pull Fuel Out of Thin Air?

Can We Recycle The Atmosphere AND Pull Fuel Out of Thin Air?

One of the biggest environmental concerns we face today is an overabundance of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. These gases come from everywhere; it seems, but some of the major sources are burning fossil fuels, waste dumps, and heavy industry. And while there are efforts being made to curb our greenhouse gas emissions, from solar power plants and electric cars, to recycling facilities and reforestation, the progress we’re making is slow indeed.

But what if we could suck CO2 right out of the air? And then, once we had it, turn that CO2 back into a usable fuel?

According to Big Think, this “what if” might be a lot closer than we think. As of late 2015, there was a CO2 carbon capture plant being built in British Columbia which wanted to show that we can, indeed, suck carbon dioxide right out of the air, and put it to a more socially responsible use. More than that, though, the plant’s goal is to turn the CO2 back into a usable fuel.

This plant’s success could do several things, environmentally. First and foremost, it would provide a definite way to clean CO2 from the air, allowing us to reduce greenhouse gases and fight global warming on a major scale. More importantly, though, it could give companies more incentive to install carbon capture technology. If CO2 becomes a valuable commodity, then who would want it to just go into the atmosphere? That would be like flushing money down the toilet. The result? A new source of fuel, and a whole new way for corporations to look at the “waste” product that is carbon dioxide.

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