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How Apeel’s Food Coating Is Saving Produce

How Apeel's Food Coating Is Saving Produce

Avocados seem to be having a moment in the sun. Approvingly or mockingly, avocado toast has established itself as the favorite food of millennials.

Anyone who’s actually picked up some avocados from the produce section lately knows that there’s a small problem: they tend to go bad quickly. One company, Apeel, is trying to change that, according to Fast Company.

Making Avocados Last Longer

Apeel has introduced a food-based coating that lets fresh produce last longer. The company has partnered with Kroger, one of America’s largest grocery chains and parent company to many more, to offer avocados with the coating.

Regular avocados ripen in a few days, while Apeel-coated avocados last up to a month. The company is also rolling out limes and asparagus with the coating.

An Oasis in Food Deserts?

Reducing food waste saves consumers a lot of money. Products like Apeel will allow people to enjoy the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables while spending less money replacing them because they go bad.

The technique could reduce food costs across the board. The article points out that produce that is shipped by air could move by slower and cheaper ships. Grocery stores would then pass on the savings to consumers because their inventory lasts longer.

This is great news for the people who live in America’s “food deserts“. They live out of reach of grocery stores with fresh produce and have to get by with less-than-optimal options like fast food or frozen food.

It will be a while before Apeel coatings make their way to every produce section, but the idea shows a lot of promise. More people will be able to enjoy healthful, fresh produce regardless of where they live. It’s also hard to argue against lower grocery bills. Even better, people won’t have to throw out the food they could have enjoyed. So get used to seeing more avocado toast.

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