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Why business should have Sanitizing Wipe Dispensers

Why business should have Sanitizing Wipe Dispensers

COVID-19 has changed our world and the way we do things. Businesses that were shut down are now beginning to open back up, and the burden of sanitization is no longer strictly the responsibility of the business owner, but it is now everyone’s responsibility. Here are a few reasons having sanitizing wipe dispensers at every business is not only good for business for vital for our survival.

Hygiene for high touch areas

Most businesses have high touch areas, whether it be the shopping cart at the grocery store or the handrail going up or down the steps. Chances are if you have a brick and mortar business, you got some high touch surfaces. Having sanitizing wipes easily accessible makes it easy for someone to take a few seconds to wipe down the handrail before touching it or wipe down the cart. 

Public Expectation

Before COVID-19, nobody was really expected to wipe down the cart they were using unless they were sick or had a weakened immune system. Times have changed, and the public is very mindful of sanitation and protocol for using high touch areas. In fact, not having sanitizing equipment in your business may lose you a few customers if they don’t feel confident that your establishment is safe or sanitized. Having wipe dispensers stationed inconspicuous areas is a reassuring sign to customers that your business is taking the pandemic seriously and that you are taking all precautions to keep them safe in your establishment.

Businesses owe it to their patrons to give them every opportunity to be safe while they are in their establishment. Providing sanitizing wipes at high touch areas makes it easy for everyone to do their part to keep everyone safe during this unprecedented time in history. 

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