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Sanitizing Your Routine: Business Safety Amidst Covid-19

Sanitizing Your Routine: Business Safety Amidst Covid-19

With businesses beginning to reopen amid Covid-19 spikes, controlling safety can feel overwhelming. You care about your employees and your customers– You want to get your team back to work and make sure you are there for your customers. With new regulations and safety hazards, protecting those people can be a challenge. Sanitizer wipe dispensershand sanitizing stations, and PPE can help, but above all, organizing your routine around safety and sanitization is essential at this time. You want to be there to serve the people that make your business happen, not to threaten their health.

Daily Routine For Safety

Implementing a new daily routine is absolutely essential during this time. Mandating personal protective equipment for customers and employees alike is just the start. Set expectations with your employees to start. Ask employees to monitor health symptoms and verify each day that they are symptom-free. Set up sanitizer stations at time clocks, break rooms, and common work areas, and set a clear expectation that they will be used regularly. Cleaning and sanitizing checklists should ensure that proper measures are taken to regularly clean high-risk areas throughout the day. 

Setting an Example

Clients and Customers will follow your employees’ lead. Setting up a sanitizer station and PPE, if possible, at entryways will encourage customers to be responsible, and if they see your team leading the way, they will likely follow. Having a sanitizer wipe dispenser set up at entryways will go a long way towards reassuring your customers that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure their safety. Let your customers get into a routine of safety as well by providing them those tools. Keeping your customers confident, safe, and comfortable is key as they support your business.

Clean It Up!

Many companies forget that increased wipe usage and disposable PPE means increased high-risk waste in your business. Keeping potentially infected materials like used wipes and disposable masks separated and safe from employees’ exposure is essential. Consider working PPE and wipe disposal into your routine as well. Not only are potentially infected materials mixed in with the trash hazardous to employees that dispose of it, but it can be harmful to the environment and sanitation workers.

Armed with properly cautions and clean new routines for your business can give safety and security to the people you count on. We all have to rethink our day-to-day life amidst Covid-19, and work is no different. You rely on your customers and employees for your livelihood. Giving them the safety and security they deserve isn’t only the right thing to do, but it’s the right thing for your business to succeed despite fear and hardships.

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