Activities for staycation heroes
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Activities for staycation heroes

Staycation - Local Fun

Now that the march break and spring break travel season are upon us, many will be flocking to airports seeking warmer weather. For us that opted out, we have chosen the greener option, we are Staycation Heroes.

Why? Because, Air travel is one of the leading causes of emissions. Here are several ways to continue going green during your staycation. 

Visit a Thrift Shop

Thrift Shops offer a unique clothing and apparel that you won't see in department stores. Not only can you find great treasures at a great price, you're promoting sustainability through recycling fashion.

Visit A Thrift Shop

Go fresh at the Farmers' Market

Your local farmers market is the best source for the freshest and tastiest fruits and vegetables in the most direct fashion; no long-distance trucking, no sitting in storage, and no gassing to simulate ripening. To certify the most sustainable and greenest produce, buy from vendors that offer organic... and don't forget your reusable bags!

Farmer's Market

Rent a canoe or set sail

Canoeing and sailing are both eco-friendly boating options. While many of us snowy northerners will have to wait, both these activities offer great exercise in the natural environment; presenting a chance to experience nature with minimal harm.


Consider renting a canoe from a local conservation authority as the money you put in helps sustain local conservation parks & wildlife. For canoeing beginners, consider a class and guided tour to ensure your safety & learn about the nature around you. 

Many local harbors offer guided sail tours. Choose a smaller vessel for a more hands on approach. You'll get a better personal experience, and more opportunity to learn how wind & water physics work. Plus, you can tell your kids they'll feel like a pirate; in fact they can dress like one as there are local sailing companies that offer pirate cruises for families (visit One downside of sailing is many use gas powered trolling motor to leave the dock. Look at hiring a vessel that uses a plug-in or solar alternative.

Enjoy a book from the Library

Libraries continually provide a sustainable second life for books. If paperbacks aren't your thing, go paperless. In recent years, libraries have continually grown to embrace e-readers, offering books and even loaning the devices themselves. If you need time to peruse without the kids, many offer drop-in programs and art classes during these weeks.

Library - A sustainable second life for books

Consider your transportation options

Walking & biking are the most ideal choices for going green. However, if you do consider other travel methods, taking the bus or the train are viable options. According to; A car carrying one person emits 89 pounds of CO2 per 100 passenger miles. A full bus emits only 14 pounds. Trains can also have a lesser footprint based on ridership, with electric trains or high speed rail being the greenest options. If you must use your vehicle, consider carpooling with friends and family, and minimizing the number of trips per day. 

Staycation - Transportation

While there are many ways to go green, staycations are a great opportunity to relax, enjoy and learn about the local area. Have any other eco-friendly ideas for a staycation hero? Please, drop us a line. 

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