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5 Points To Consider When Buying Recycling Bins

5 Points To Consider When Buying Recycling Bins

The success of waste recycling programs often depends on having the right recycling bins in place. Convenience, utility, and appearance all factor in to how people will react to a program and how easy it will be for them to correctly utilize recycling containers. When choosing recycling bins for a residential curbside pickup, establishing an office program, or putting recycling containers in schools, consider these five points in order to make the right decision when purchasing with Waste Wise Products.

Focus On Capacity

The right recycling containers have to be properly sized; if they are too large they will waste space and not reach capacity before pickup. Recycling bins that are too small won’t work as waste spills over onto the ground. In order to determine the proper capacity, keep these factors in mind. First, determine the pickup schedule. Second, choose whether to have a large number of small units that can be emptied into one larger piece or have recycling bins that can stand on their own. Keep in mind that these units can be heavy when they are full, try using smaller pieces or recycling bins with wheels, especially in high traffic areas.

Ease Of Use And Collection

Recycling bins are much more than just receptacles that are meant to sit around taking up space. In order to have an effective program in place, each unit has to be matched to its function and be easy to handle. For residential setups, the overall weight of recyclables has to be kept reasonable for a single person to handle. Office and school implementations should also keep an eye towards efficiency with wheeled utility units instead of having significant manpower required to move a set of recycling bins for collection.

Materials Of Construction

Like any purchase, high quality recycling bins will have a long service life and are worth the investment. For the ultimate in green solutions, Waste Wise offers recycled plastic recycling bins. Mold injected plastic units also exhibit good durability for long lasting service in the home, office, or school setting.

Sorting Multi Stream Programs

A common complaint from people is the perceived complexity of multi stream systems. One of the best ways to address this problem is with recycling containers that have multiple slots and compartments for each different stream with intuitive visual cues. People will participate more and feel a sense of involvement when they are easily able to sort their waste.

Recycling Containers That Look Good While Doing The Job

Especially for office and school programs, having attractive recycling containers plays an important role for high participation and pride in a program. Waste Wise offers custom fiberglass units that can be adorned with company logos and slogans as well as school colors and mascots. A sense of ownership goes a long way to creating highly effective programs.

These five points cover a lot of ground when implementing a waste disposal program for residential, commercial, and school use. In the end, the right recycling containers are important for the success of any recycling initiative.

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2 Responses to 5 Points To Consider When Buying Recycling Bins

  1. Avatar Bruce Egilson says:

    Using PLASTIC recycling bins does not make sense. If the purpose of recycling is to make a healthier planet, we ought not create more plastic to do it. Plastic is the enemy of a healthy planet.

  2. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I agree that capacity should be one of the first things you look at when choosing a recycling bin. The article makes a particularly good point about taking the pickup schedule into consideration when choosing a bin. After all, if your recycling is only going to be picked up once every two weeks then you might want a bigger container to hold your recyclables.

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