Heavy Duty Push Carts - Utility, Garbage, Laundry & More

Push Carts

From light-duty waste removal to heavier bulk material loads, our collection of commercial push carts and trash buggies are ideal for a variety of facilities, including office buildings, malls, airports, food services, hospitals, and hotels & resorts.

Is back and body strain an issue with staff? In tasks such as food court organic waste collection, our ergonomic Easy Access & Elevated Starcarts are a great option. These utility push carts allow for easier access to load and unload materials. For applications such as hotel laundry facilities, bedding and linens can be cumbersome and multi-layered. For this application, Consider outfitting a Starcart with a load assistance Spring Platform, which raises and lowers laundry push carts automatically.

For medium or larger material handling bins, our Starcarts collection can carry a max load from 400lbs to 1500lbs. Our heavy duty push carts and jumbo Starcarts are ideal for large facilities with high volumes of waste or material transport needs, including conference centers and airports.

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