Uptown 96 Gallon Triple Stream

Uptown 96 Gallon Triple Stream

$ 1,700.00 USD

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The Uptown Triple Stream Waste & Recycling Station consists of 3 x 32 gallon liners, making ideal for any busy areas throughout your facility. It’s rotationally molded design adds durability required for any outdoor weather. Featuring lockable double-walled front doors ensures your waste streams are secured.

The Uptown’s interior features built-in deflectors ensure a clean sort, preventing cross-contamination. Also, the angled top of the unit directs rainwater away from the front of the container and eliminates users from leaving material on top of the container.

Fully customizable; create a unique unit that speaks directly to your recycling initiatives and corporate sustainability programs. The Uptown is also available in as a single and double stream unit.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom colors available, minimum order of 50 units
  • Highly durable and will not rust or dent
  • Openings can be customized to fit your program
  • 3 easy to empty liners (32 gallons each)
  • Built-in lock for added security
  • Deflectors prevent cross-contamination, and the slanted back prevents rain flow from entering unit
  • Create a unique look with interchangeable doors
  • Weighted base keeps unit stable and stationary

Stock Receptacle Openings

Stock Labels

Bottles & Cans (Blue)
Bottles Only (Blue)
Cans & Bottles Only (Blue)
Cans Only (Blue)
Food Waste (Green)
Landfill (Black)
Mixed Recyclables (Blue)
Organics (Green)
Paper Only (Grey)
Plastic Only (Blue)
Trash Only (Black)
Waste Only (Black)
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$ 1,700.00 USD

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2 - 4 weeks
3 x 32 Gallons
23.75” W x 58.75” D x 45.5” H
157 lbs
Includes Rigid Liners
Stock Colors